Traits That Will Make You Rich…Or At Least Get Closer To It

All of us wants to be rich, or at least financially stable. In this age of technological advancement and media influence, we all want something material or tangible to cement our financial capacity on. But as we all know too, it is never that simple. In fact, even highly successful and wealthy people had to […]

Back to School, Back to Saving

It’s back to school again. We may say it’s the same reminder or advice all the time, but it’s because more often than not, we forget or neglect saving tips that would have helped us even a little in the first place. We may have heard or done some, if not all, of these before, […]

Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Life hacks are great. They solve everyday problems easy and more importantly, cheap. In fact, we don’t have to spend anything because the solutions have been available to us all along and we just failed to see them. Unless you already know these, here are some life hacks that will blow your mind off because […]

Hold That T.V.!

Summer is almost over. And while we should make the most of it, we should also take this time to do something productive so as not to slack or panic when classes resume. The following are productive things we could do instead of watching television again or surfing the net like you have been doing […]

Quality Date on A Budget

No money? No problem. At least when it concerns spending time with your partner. If your main goal is to spend quality time together, there are actually so many things you can both do without having to spend a lot, or even anything. Here are just some of them: 1. Go to the park. Whether¬†to […]

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