Make January Looking Forward To

After the roller coaster excitement and relaxation during the Christmas holidays, January can be one, if not the most, dreaded months since it means back to school and work – in other words, back to reality. Add to that the cold and bleak weather and you almost don’t want to get up until February. But […]

30 Unconventional Ways to Save Money this 2015

If you haven’t tried them yet, here are 30 new ways to save money this new year. They may border on the unconventional, if not weird or even downright inappropriate, but especially these difficult times, people will do anything and everything to save even the littlest cent. 1. Don’t buy trash bags, reuse shopping bags.  […]

Getting Ready for Next Year’s Holidays

Just because the holidays just ended doesn’t mean we can’t plan for the next. As the saying goes, it’s never too early to plan, especially the holidays. So in case you haven’t done the following this Christmas and New Year, do so in next year’s celebration. 1. Invest in something glamorous but comfortable to wear. This […]

Money-Saving Resolutions for 2015

The holidays have just ended. What New Year resolutions have you lined up for yourself? In particular, what New Year resolutions about saving have you promised to fulfill this 2015? Look at the list below and (mentally) check the ones that you have already planned to do this year. If there are more budget-saving strategies […]

To Black Friday or Not

Like Thanksgiving and Christmas perhaps, Black Friday has also become like an American tradition that is unspoken yet greatly anticipated, to say the least. The origin of the term is interesting to being with as it traces back to the 1960s in Philadelphia wherein it was said that foot and car traffic became so bad, […]

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