Christmas in September

When September arrives, some people start preparing for Christmas. Either because the “Ber” months supposedly signal the beginning of the Christmas season, or it’s never too early to start decorating and shopping to avoid the Christmas rush. Either way, getting ready way ahead of time is always a good thing especially if it will save […]

Can’t Buy Me…

No matter how much we try to accumulate and save money in order to pay for our bills, buy our needs and generally progress in life, there are just some things that money can’t buy. 1. Relationships. Whether it’s romantic, platonic or familial, no money can ever fix a relationship. It takes honesty, trust, constant […]

Honoring Time, Not Time-Slaving

Time is just as precious as money. Sometimes, we spend so much time on something in an effort to save a few dollars but fail to realize that we are wasting an even more important resource in the process: time. For probably all our lives, we spend our day-to-day undertakings making and following a To-Do […]

Rich Executives, Frugal Life

The following people are world-famous personalities notorious for their outrageous wealth. Yet despite their seemingly unlimited amount of money, they are known to live simple, even frugal lives. If they who are ridiculously rich still decide to maintain money-saving habits, who are we not to do the same? David Cheriton, Stanford professor. Net worth: $3 […]

Traits That Will Make You Rich…Or At Least Get Closer To It

All of us wants to be rich, or at least financially stable. In this age of technological advancement and media influence, we all want something material or tangible to cement our financial capacity on. But as we all know too, it is never that simple. In fact, even highly successful and wealthy people had to […]

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