Discipline Your Children, Save Time And Money

Disciplining our children may take a lot of effort and a long time, not to mention tons and tons of patience, but it will save us a lot of all in the long run. And we may be unaware of it, but it could also save use money at the same time, either during or […]

Words to Save By

We all know how difficult it is to save. And we’ve also heard and read, time and again, tips on how to save money or follow a strict budget which, more often than not, we fail to obey, at least religiously. In this article, I’d just like to share some quotes which indirectly relate to […]

Out Of Job, Not Out Of Hope

At one point in our life, we may have experienced or will experience being out of job. It’s important that we are prepared or know what to do when circumstances like this happen because we don’t know how long we may be in this situation. It could only take days or last a few weeks […]

Summer Time, Time to Work?!

While summer may be a great time to relax and unwind, it’s also an opportunity to earn extra money by taking a summer job or getting into business. Depending on your interest or skills, there are in fact a number of fields one can get into with a little, or a lot, of diligence and […]

Summer Saving Tips

It’s almost summer once again. While it’s the best time of the year to unwind and have fun, it’s also when we spend money the most in an effort to make the best of the season. Summer lasts for several months so we should be careful in planning it, enjoying without going overboard. There are […]

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