Why Didn’t I Think of That?

Life hacks are great. They solve everyday problems easy and more importantly, cheap. In fact, we don’t have to spend anything because the solutions have been available to us all along and we just failed to see them. Unless you already know these, here are some life hacks that will blow your mind off because […]

Hold That T.V.!

Summer is almost over. And while we should make the most of it, we should also take this time to do something productive so as not to slack or panic when classes resume. The following are productive things we could do instead of watching television again or surfing the net like you have been doing […]

Quality Date on A Budget

No money? No problem. At least when it concerns spending time with your partner. If your main goal is to spend quality time together, there are actually so many things you can both do without having to spend a lot, or even anything. Here are just some of them: 1. Go to the park. Whether¬†to […]

Discipline Your Children, Save Time And Money

Disciplining our children may take a lot of effort and a long time, not to mention tons and tons of patience, but it will save us a lot of all in the long run. And we may be unaware of it, but it could also save use money at the same time, either during or […]

Words to Save By

We all know how difficult it is to save. And we’ve also heard and read, time and again, tips on how to save money or follow a strict budget which, more often than not, we fail to obey, at least religiously. In this article, I’d just like to share some quotes which indirectly relate to […]

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