Money & Beyond

I grew up in a home where money matters weren’t much of an issue. We were not rich if that’s what you think – middle class – but was, so I’d like to believe, financially stable enough to be able to afford the basics and perhaps, some luxuries. My father is a lawyer and my […]

Go Green, Save Money

Going green obviously doesn’t just make you healthy, but saves you money as well. Not only that, reusing and improvising on our available products at home will surprise us on what they are capable of doing aside from their standard uses. Here are just a few tips on how we can go green and save […]

DIY: Shoe Box Organizer

All the time, I am amazed by my niece who never seems to run out of ideas for a DIY project. She comes home from school and suddenly her creative juices are bubbling and she’s off to work. Her ideas are basically simple, but when you think about it, they’re smart and practical especially when […]

Unusual Ways to Save Money

While we constantly find ways to save money, there are some people who actually go overboard to do so. Call it miserly or funny, here are unconventional practices that some people actually follow just to save a buck or two. 1. Hang onto the outside of a bus. This way you don’t have to pay for […]

Expensive Things That May Not Be Worth It

1. Designer brands. Although buying expensive brands makes us feel assured of their quality, it’s not really a guarantee.  This goes for make up, bags, shoes, clothing, etc. that may go out in style in a year or even months if you choose the “in-season” or trendy designs. Worse, they may be easily knocked off (which […]

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