Time-Saving Tools Must-Haves

1. BB cream BB cream is moisturizer, primer, serum, foundation and sunblock all in one. Especially if you’re always busy and in a hurry, this facial cosmetic product is a perfect addition to your beauty regimen. It will save you both time and money not having to buy and put on all those other make […]

Healthy and Delicious Meals Under $10

Under budget but still want healthy and in fact tasty dishes? Here are just some recipes which will surely meet your standards because not only are they good for your health and delicious, but most of all, they are incredibly affordable at under $10. 1. Fajita-Style Quesadillas. Cheesy and crunchy with red and green peppers […]

Small Words, Big Results

  Please. If you’re looking for a discount, saying this “Magic Word” can actually still work wonders even in today’s technologically advanced world. Maybe not all the time, but saying “Please” in a charmingly persistent manner may just get you that small but relevant 10-15% off on the item you’re buying. It isn’t called “The […]

Pet: To Have or Not

Having a pet is fun and in fact therapeutic. But deciding to own one requires more responsibility than meets the eye. It requires full dedication and yes, financial investment. But then again, just because you’re a little tight doesn’t mean you can’t have a pet if you really want to. Think and plan carefully and […]

Christmas in September

When September arrives, some people start preparing for Christmas. Either because the “Ber” months supposedly signal the beginning of the Christmas season, or it’s never too early to start decorating and shopping to avoid the Christmas rush. Either way, getting ready way ahead of time is always a good thing especially if it will save […]

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