Money Quotes: Money Is Not Everything

Yes, money is the deciding factor in almost everything we do. But it is NOT the only thing that’s important in this world. In fact, we all know that non-monetary things like family, friends, time and experience are so much more precious than all the money can buy. So before stressing (further) on money matters, […]

10 Mommy Movies to Watch With Your Mother

Just because Mother’s Day is over doesn’t mean we have to stop celebrating it. After all, with everything that mothers do for their family every minute of everyday, they deserve to be honored the whole year round. But if you have already taken her out to a nice dinner or given her something special, how […]

Controlling Overspending

Some, if not most, of us are guilty of this lifelong enemy: overspending. We tend to spend more than we should, buy things that we don’t really need, only to regret it as soon as we get home. While it’s okay to splurge once in a while, it’s not good to do so all the […]

Winning Over Financial Loss

Whether you got laid off from work or lost a business, financial problems could be one of, if not the most, biggest blows we may encounter in life since needless to say, almost anything and everything in this world involves money exchange. And even beyond the monetary, the emotional distress one goes through because of such […]

Cost-Saving Spring Break Travel Tips

Spring break is upon us. And just because you’re tight on money doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a vacation, however short. It only takes a little smart planning and budgeting skills to achieve what may be the best spring break vacation you’ll ever have. 1. Direct booking. Book your hotel early and directly. Booking your hotel […]

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